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Welcome to “The Amateur Blogger’s Guide,” your ultimate resource for amateur bloggers.

Who Are Amateur Bloggers?

They are passionate non-pro bloggers with a wealth of knowledge on a particular subject.

Amateur bloggers have the freedom to blog about any topic that tickles their fancy. Plus, they get to decide how often to post and who gets to read their blog content.

And here’s the cherry on top. Starting an amateur blog won’t break the bank. All you need is your trusty laptop, good internet connection, and less than a hundred bucks to get started. 

Although these bloggers don’t start blogging to make a quick buck, let’s be real-blogging takes hard work, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t get compensated for it!

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Start Amateur Blogging

So this blog is dedicated to helping amateurs navigate the exciting but sometimes challenging world of blogging. We’re here to inspire, educate, and support you on your blogging journey.

Start Your Amateur Blog

Starting your blog can be fun. But as anew bloggerr, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes. So here are a few helpful tips to make starting your blog less challenging

Step 1. Identify a Niche (Main topic). Step 2. Choose a blog name. Step 3. Get web hosting.

Find Your Niche

First thing any needs to do is choose a main blog topic. (niche)

A niche finder tool is keyword research software. It makes it easy for new bloggers to identify a niche. So invest in a Niche finder tool eary on.

Secure Your Domain

A domain is your blogs’ name.

When you pick a domain choose one that is relevant to your blogs’ niche.

Register your domain with a Domain Registry.

Get Web Hosting

Your blog needs a home. It’s called web hosting. And it involves some techy stuff.

Create an account. on a good web hosting platform.

Now leave the technical stuff to them.

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Tools For Amateur Bloggers

Like any other skilled worker, amateur bloggers need some basic blog tools to get the job done. Here are three blog tools all new bloggers need even before they write their first blog post.

Research Tools

These tools help amateur bloggers gather valuable data.

Bloggers use this knowledge to build blogs that target unique audiences.

Image Editors

Images Editors and tools that make it easy to add visual appeal to a blog.

The downside is images significantly slow down a blog.


Autoresponders are email automation tools every blogger needs.

They help you stay in touch with your visitors after they leave.

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Tons of tools out there can help you improve your blog’s visibility as well as its increase traffic.

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