How to Use the Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

autoresponders for affiliate marketing guide

Autoresponders for affiliate marketing consist of a series of automated emails. Sometimes autoresponders are referred to as an email sequence.

The sequence averages between seven and ten emails sent at specified times based on a subscribers action.

The best autoresponders for affiliate marketing empower affiliate marketers to connect with prospects at any time. Not only that, but each sequence can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual audiences.

As a result Autoresponders are great automation tools that help affiliate marketers save time and money. 

Savvy affiliate marketers use an autoresponder to build and grow an email list. This allows then to stay in touch with their website visitors long after they leave the site. 

A few of the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing are Getresponse, ConverKit, Aweber, Sendinblue and Constant Contact.

In this article we will give you a brief overview of each one of these autoresponders.


Get Response is one of the most under friendly autoresponder for affiliate marketing in the industry. The software allows you to create simple, powerful pages and emails to put your marketing on auto-pilot.

Getresponse has advanced features that you can take advantage of as you grow your site.

Getresponse Features

A few core features of Getresponse are:

Email  Creator: This easy to use feature lets you stunning responsive emails that convert. You do not need to have any coding skills to see amazing results.

List Builder: Embed a Getresponse form on your site to collect users’ data based on their actions or specific events.

Separate subscribers into different pools using Getresponse segmentation tools.

This way you can see what works and what doesn’t and you gain better control over your email list as it grows.

Email Analytics: It is easy to make data driven decisions using Getresponse email analytics tool. Monitor audience engagement,-open rates, bounces and unsubscribes.

GetResponse Pricing

Getresponse has a four tier pricing structure. There is a Free forever that is limited to a list of up to five hundred subscribers in your getresponse autoresponder.

That is followed by the Basic plan that allows you to have one thousand contacts.

The most popular plan for small business owners is the Plus plan that allows up to one thousand contacts.

Then there is the Professional plan for users with more than one thousand contacts in their email list.





Get Response


Free Version












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Get Response FAQs

These are some questions you may want to get answers to before subscribing to Get Response.

Is Get Response Free?

Getresponse is a freemium autoresponder software. You can sign up for a 30  day free trial.  And there is a free forever plan that offers limited features. You will need to upgrade to one of the paid plans to access advanced features.

Can I cancel at Anytime?

Yes. Getresponse makes it easy to cancel your subscription at any time. Just log into your account, go to billing and scroll down. Click cancel subscription. It’s that easy.

Can I Get A Refund?

No. Getresponse is a pay as you go service so it does not currently have a refund policy. It means that if you make a payment and cancel immediately after, you will still be responsible for that month’s bill.

The first step to set an autoresponder is to place some form of capture mechanism on your site. This is often a simple form that asks someone to subscribe by entering their data in the form. 


Aweber is an email automation marketing tool. This program is used by many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The software features a useful autoresponder tool that is known to get your emails delivered into your audience inbox.

Aweber allows marketers to access hundreds of email templates and thousands of professional images.

These give users the ability to create high converting email autoresponder sequences, newsletter, email blasts and sales campaigns.

Aweber Pricing

Here is Everything you need to know to get started with Aweber autoresponder for affiliate marketing:

The Aweber Pro subscription starts at US19.99 per month. This plan let’s users send unlimited emails. build unlimited email lists,  and access advanced automation features. There are many other benefits to signing up for a Pro plan at Aweber.

In addition there is a limited Free Plan that allows for a list of up to five hundred subscribers. With the free plan users can send up to three thousand emails a month. 

They also have access to customizable templates, the drag and drop builder and many other features. 

The Free plan offers a great opportunity to test the Aweber platform for 30 days. . If you like it, simply upgrade to the Pro Plan.

Free PlanPro Plan
Sign up formsUnlimited email lists
Drag and drop builderAdvanced email automation
Landing pagesDetailed insights and analytics
Web push notificationsWebpage and sales tracking
Email templatesSplit testing
EcommerceRemove AWeber branding

Aweber FAQs

What Can I Do With Aweber?

You can do anything related to email marketing. For example you can create landing pages and embed a signup form on your blog or website.

You can set up an automated email series and you can create and publish newsletters and email blasts.

Does Aweber Have a Free Trial?

Yes. Aweber has a 30-day free trial. This allows you to test all the platform’s features for 30 days before making a commitment. If you are happy with its performance simply sign up for an Aweber Pro Plan.

To start the free trial you will need to create an account.  No credit card information is required. Click on pricing, check Start Free Trial and create an Account. Once you log into your account you have access to the 30-day trial.

What Can I Really Do With Aweber?

You can use Aweber autoresponder for affiliate marketing to build your first email list or publish your newsletters. You can segment your list and create autoresponders. 

You can even drip an email course right from the Aweber platform. 


Converkit was built by a blogger for bloggers. This makes it one of the most popular autoresponders for affiliate marketers who run affiliate blogs.

Users have access to Convertkit’s easy to use templates. Therefore they can easily create beautiful landing pages, attractive sign up forms to build and automate their marketing.

Convertkit Autoresponder

You can quickly build an email list using Convertkit automation tools. This includes a number of “how to guides” on the Converkit platform. These guides will teach you how to use Convertkit autoresponder for affiliate marketing on your blog.

For example the article How to Create an email sequence explains what an email sequence is and how to create one based on your niche.

ConverKit Pricing

a) Convertkit offers a Free plan for creators who are just starting out to begin compiling an email list. The free plan limits users to one thousand subscribers per month. After that you are required to upgrade to a paid plan.

b) Next there is the Creator plan that starts at $9 per month for up to a thousand subscribers.

c) The Creator Pro Plan starts at $25 per month.

All three plans above are billed annually.

convertkit price list
Convertkit Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

Convertkit FAQs

Is Convertkit Free?

Convertkit has a free plan that allows you to manage up to 1000 subscribers. Of course there are limits to what you can do using the free plan.

Is There Support of Free Plan Users?

Yes. All Convertkit users have access to the platform’s customer support. There is a vibrant help community, Knowledge Base Section that provides answers to your question. Alternatively you can send a message to get help. 

Can I downgrade My Plan?

If you are on a paid plan and want to downgrade to Convertkit’s free plan, reach out to their support team.

However, note that downgrading means that you lose those extra features you get with a paid plan.

What’s the Refund Policy?

Convertkit has a 30-day refund policy. So if you cancel you can request a refund of any amount paid within the last 30 day, no questions asked.

Visit Convertkit Website

If you happen to have a self-host blog FluentCRM is my recommended email automation tool.


If you are looking for email automation for for WordPress, FluentCRM is your best option. It is easy to install and simple to use. You just activate the plugin on your website just like any other WordPress plugin.

Now you can automate all your affiliate marketing emails right from the backend of your WordPress website. 

Some things your can do with FluentCRM are:

  • Integrate Unlimited Sign Up Forms
  • Manage Surscribers Data Without Third Party
  • Launch Marketing Campaigns
  • Track Performance
  • Collect Customer Feedback

However the best feature of this CRM tool is that blog owners can manage their visitors data directly from their website.

This allows for maximum privacy protection and users information is not stored on a third party site. FluentCRM easily integrates over 30 other Marketing tools.

Learn more about how to use FluentCRM as an autoresponder for affiliate marketing here.

FluentCRM Pricing

Fluentcrm prices are very affordable in comparison other popular autoresponders. They do have a Free plan. However, if you want to access advanced features you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

1 Site License5 Site License50 Site License

*These are yearly prices. They are quoted in U.S. Dollars


This software packs a lot of useful features. It was named among the top 100 software companies in 2022. And boasts high satisfaction ratings across the internet by people who use it.

Sendinblue Autoresponder

Some features that affiliate marketers will find helpful include are its

a) easy to use templates

b) the ability to create unique email messages

c) being able to send messages to targeted audience

d) communicate using SMS automation marketing

e) utilize the platfoms chatbot to answer visitors questions

Sendinblue Pricing

Sendinblue has a very generous free plan. It allows users to send three hundred emails a day. free of charge. Their paid plans start at US$9.00 per month

How to Use the Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

How to Use Autoresponders

So how do autoresponders work? After the site visitors fill out a subscription form, an email will immediately be sent to them.The first email is usually a welcome email thanking them for subscribing.

Subsequent emails generally remind the subscribers why they signed up in the first place. The follow up emails in your autoresponder will be sent to the user when they are scheduled to go out.

You will also provide additional value to the subscriber.  

Final step is to ask the subscriber to take some form of action. That may include offering a product or service.

At the end of the series you will segment the subscribers based on what action they took.  That forms the basis for future communication with them.

Set Up Your Autoresponder

Secure Users Data. When subscribers trust you with their data, be sure to keep it secure. Therefore it is very important to choose a trustworthy autoresponder app such as the ones mentioned above.

Follow Data Protection Rules.  Make sure you get explicit consent before adding subscribers data to your list.

Subscribers have the right to revoke their consent at any time. Give them the option to opt out. Only use the data you collected for the reason you collected.

Keep It Relevant. When subscribers sign up, deliver what you promised. And while it’s great to provide additional value, make sure it is relevant.

Don’t Overdo It. Don’t Bombard subscribers with unwanted emails. Schedule your autoresponder emails so the receiver does not become overwhelmed.

email autoresponder set up
Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing Set Up

Segment your audience based on the interest they show on your site.

Do not keep sending the same information to the same people. One of the best features of an autoresponder is it gives you  the ability to place your audience in different pools. 

If someone shows interest in a particular offer, send them automated emails related to that offer.

If you have an offer that you think only some subscribers may find valuable send only those subscribers valuable information-don’t try to sell.


To summarize, autoresponders for affiliate marketing are series of emails that are sent to your site visitors based on their actions. The series usually starts with a welcome emai and end with an offer.

There are many marketing automation platforms you can use to set up your autoresponders for affiliate marketing. However we focused on three user-friendly platforms for new and amateur bloggers

An email autoresponder sequence consists of anywhere between 7 and 10 emails sent at scheduled times. The series usually starts with a welcome email and ends with a clear call to action.

Those platforms are Getresponse, Convertkit and Aweber.

We briefly mentioned FluentCRM which is a more advanced marketing tool, but a great one for self-hosted WordPress bloggers.

Now it’s time to start creating your own autoresponder series.

And if you found this article useful, please let me know. If you didn’t let me know anyway. And feel free to share it with someone you know.