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Content optimization tools help improve your content writing to make it more search engine friendly. But more importantly your blog content writing needs to focus on helpig your readers.

So after you have written great content to share with your users, use content optimization tools to make it easier for search engines to find and share your blog.

These are five of the best content optimization tools you can use to optimize your amateure blog content.

5 Content Optimization Tools

free content optimization tool ubersuggest


This is a very versatile tool to use for optimizing your blog content. The free version offers quite a bit of features that can use to optimize your pages.

You can add the Ubersuggest chrome extension to your browser to make searching keywords easier. Then:

  • Search your own
  • Spy on your competition
  • Get valuable keyword suggestion
  • See ideas for writing content
  • Audit your site

There is a limit of three searches per day when you use the free plan. ou are able to go the Ubersuggest dashboard from there.  

 Open the dashboard and from here you can do things like:

But you can upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy advanced features as your needs change.

and gather a lot more information to help you with your SEO project.

google trends free optmization tool
Google Trends

Google Trends

Another one of great those free SEO tools for content optimization is Google Trends,

As stated by Google, “Trends provides access to a largely unfiltered sample of actual search requests made to Google.” 

Here again you have an opportunity to see what people are actually searching for on Google.

So, you are able to use this SEO tool for free and create relevant solutions problems searchers are trying to find answers for. 

Therefore, this is a great opportunity to boost your your rankings and as a result get more traffic to your website.

Google trends gives you two types of data:

  • Real-time data:  Covers data collected in the last 7 days.
  • Non-real time data:  Results from trending searches from 2004 to 36 hours before you accessed the data.

This is a great SEO tool that you can use for free to create relevant content that will convert.

See what’s trending now

Yoast SEO tool for optimizing content writing
Yoast SEO Free Tool

Yoast SEO

Yoast is a powerful, easy to customize optimizer. You can use this free tool on your WordPress blog .

It is one of the most popular free blog content SEO tools found on blogs across the internet. You do not need coding skills to use the plugin. Just follow the instructions.

Two benefits of utilizing this SEO tool:

  • It is free. 
  • It makes SEO easy.

SEO is difficult. If you’re just starting it is easy to become frustrated and quit. The free Yoast SEO tool will make it easy with the step by step guidance it provides.

You can use Yoast to do  things like control title lengths, manage meta descriptions, and keywords.  You can also track how many times you’ve used keywords and phrases.

Hemmingway Editor content writing tool

Hemmingway App

This is a great tool for help you write content that is easy to read and grammatically correct.

The Hemmingway app allows you to write content directly in its dashboard . You can also copy and paste text you have already written into the app.

It will isolate errors such as hard to read sentences, excessive use of adverbs, occurrences of passive voice and other issues.

If you are on a desktop you can make corrections then copy and paste the edited version into your document.

Rank Math SEO Tool  for WordPress blogs

RankMath SEO

This is my favorite of all SEO content optimization tools. Take it for a spin it will be yours too. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

With this tool you can use Rank Math ai cintent optiomization to

Like Yoast, Rank Math is a WordPress Plugin. You install and activate it on your website and the magic starts immediately. The set up wizard is easy to use. With a few clicks your set up  is done.  

If you already have an SEO tool active on your website, you won’t lose those settings because the tool imports them. This includes your sitemaps.

You can also connect Rank Math to your Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to easily access data from those platforms.

If you are a local business, you can manage your local SEO customization from within this free tool.

The software packs a lot of premium features in the free version.  However, there is also a premium version if you need additional features.

Download Rank Math here


So Why do You Need A Content Optimizer?

People search for answers. Search Engines provide the answers from among the best on the web. A content optimizer will help you create matches search queries based on relevance.

What about  you? What tools to you use to improve you SEO?  We would love to know how they are working for you. Please share in the comments section below.