what is Partner With Anthony

You may have come across Partner with Anthony reviews if you are looking to join an Internet marketing training. But what what is Partner with Anthony about. We will explain.

So, what really is Partner with Anthony?  the program was created by Anthony Morrison in 2019. It is a 30-session training that is aimed at teaching people how to become Affiliate Marketers.

At the time of writing, the cost is either a $7.00 monthly subscription or a one-time payment of $49.00. 

I completed the 30-day training. So I will try explain how the Anthony Morrison affiliate program works.

How To Partner With Anthony

After enrolling in the program, you are given a welcome tour. Then you are taken to the back end where you complete setting up your profile and receive your access credentials.

Your profile completion includes creating accounts with the service providers whose tools you will need in the training. This is referred to as setting up “Profit Center.”

You may also join a number of affiliate programs linked to the tools Anthony uses in the training.

These are all listed in the Profit Center. When you sign up you will receive affiliate links that you can promote the tools yourself.

Each Partner with Anthony training session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The actual training videos are about 45 minutes long.

There are assignments that you have to complete before moving on to the next session.

By and large the actual training is done by Anthony Morrison himself.

However, he does have some high-level Marketers including his brother Adrian Morrison, who teach a few sessions.

Partner With Anthony Affiliate Marketing

All the tools you need to complete course are listed in the Profit Center.

However, the costs of these tools are not included in the cost of the Partner witn Anthony program.

So you will need to buy them from third part providers at additional charge. And there is no work around for beginners.

Here is a list of the required tools:

#1. Clickfunnels

The first tool you will need is Clickfunnels. It is funnel building software that cost between $97 and $297 dollars per month. Granted they do have a 14-day free trial.

partner with anthony program tools

Why do you need Clickfunnels? The assignments you get in the training program include building landing pages and simple sales funnels.

Anthony gives you pre-built, customizable pages free. But you need a Clickfunnels account to access them.

Thatis because they are built in Clickfunnels so that’s the only way to get them.

He does encourage students to build their own pages. And even offers an incentive to do so. But there’s no way around getting a Clickfunnels account.

#2. Getresponse

The second must have tool is Get Response. This is a popular marketing software used for building email lists and launching email marketing campaigns.

Get Response cost about $15.00 per month and the cost increases as your list grows. They do offer a 30-day free trial to new customers.

Depending on the plan you choose, integrate Getresponse with a number of other marketing tools. You may also connect it to a website or host webinars from their platform.

#3. Build Redirects

This is another core software need when you sign up for Partner with Anthony.  This tracking software was developed by the Anthony Morrison team.

Build Redirects you can monitor how each campaign is performing. You can also you it to find broken links in your online content.

 Personally, I cannot speak to the effectiveness of Build Redirects because I didn’t use it. I have other link management software in place.

All three pieces of software are the kinds that you absolutely must in your affiliate marketing.

One reason is landng pages built by Anthony Morrison and the ones you will have to be done using Clickfunnels.

However, because they are also affiliate products, you can earn a commission if you promote them independently. You will just need to make an initial investment in them.

Personal Partner With Anthony Review

I give Partner With Anthony Training a 4.0 out of 5. Here’s why:

In the training you are taught two methods of generating traffic: solo ads and Facebook advertising. 

Both of these are popular methods used by affiliate marketers to get traffic to an affiliate offer. 

But they can be expensive ways to get traffic. So, I was disappointed that more attention was not to other traffic sources.

 Solo ads are easy for beginners, but they do not convert well. So, results can be disappointing for someone who is just starting out with affiliate marketing.

Facebook ads are popular and can give a high return on investment. However, this traffic source is for people who have some marketing experience.

Since this training is sold a course for beginners, it will be above the level of most beginners.

Also,there is no support for answering any questions you may have specific to affiliate marketing.

So as a “newbie” you will have questions so you will need to find the answers on your own.

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So do I recommed Partner with Anthony?

If you are a new and have no prior experience in affiliate marketing and you are not willing to go the extra mile, then answer is NO. Here’s why:

The traffic training was limited. The support is limited so you will have to pay for advanced coaching if you need help.

On the other hand, I would definitely recommend the training to an affiliate how is struggling to get results.

He/she would already be familiar with the basic concept of affiliate marketing.

If you are already have some of the required tools.

The Facebook ads training by Adrian Morrison is worth if you want a basic understanding of Facebook marketing.

However to get the full benefits your need to purchase his training program.

The cost of Partner with Anthony makes the program more than worth investing $7.00 to start. You can aways upgrade after the first month.