7 Solid Reasons to Choose Self-Hosted WordPress for Blogging

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There are several good reasons to use self-hosted WordPress as your content management system. One major reason is Free WordPress is the internet’s largest content management system for bloggers.

Statistics show that approximately one third of all blogs on the internet are built on the WordPress.org platform. 

But why do so many bloggers use WordPress for building their websites? This article gives a few solid reasons bloggers choose self-hosted WordPress for managing their web content.

But first let’s address some major differences between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org platforms.

Self-Hosted WordPress

What is thedifference Between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com?

WordPress.org is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress. That’s because when you use this platform you need to get your own hosting.

On the other hand if you choose to build your blog on WordPress.com you do not need to worry about independent web hosting.

So the question is “Why do so many bloggers choose welf-hosted WordPress? Here are seven reasons:

WordPress.Org For Blogging

But here are other reasons one third of bloggers choose to use WordPress.org as their CMS.

Self hosted WordPress give bloggers a lot more freedom. And that freeedom can cost very little.

Here are a few things yon can do with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

  1. Have your own domain to build a brand. Therefore your website identity will look like this ://mydomain.com 
  2. Customize your blog to suit your personal taste
  3. Have complete control over your blog content
  4. Choose how you want to monetization your site
  5. Expand and grow as much as you want

So if the end goal is to earn money from blogging, it makes sense to pick wordpress.Org for your blogging platform.

WordPress.Com for Blogging

If you are new to blogging you may want to start with WorddPress.com because of the simplicity it affords. You just set up your blog and start blogging for free.

However, there are some limitations.

  1. Your blog will be what is called a subdomain of WordPress.Com. This means your blog name will look like: //mysitename/wordpress.com.
  2. You will only be allowed 3GB of disk space for your site. 
  3. You are not free cannot customize your blog however you like
  4. You Do Not have control over the WordPress.Com branding or ads that run on your blog
  5. You are not be able to monetize your site

1. Low Startup Cost for Bloggers

f you want to build a new or amateur blog, using wordpress for starting the journey is ideal.  WordPress is great for starting an online store or selling a course as well.

Great thing is that you can use WordPress for free. 

Here’s how it works. Once you decide on web hosting, simply install wordpress.  You will be taken to the backend of the wordpress platform. 

From there you begin building your blog. This is how easy it is for you to install WordPress.

2. Easy Installation

Because WordPress is so popular, many web hosting providers make it easy for you to install wordpress free so you can start building a website. Most of them call it as a “ one-click” wordpress installation.

Here’s how it works. After you create a web hosting account, you are taken to the dashboard. Somewhere on that panel you will be prompted to install wordpress.  

Within a few minutes of clicking that prompt you will have a live customizable WordPress. Now the fun part begins.

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Get Started

3. Designed For Non-Techies

Self-hosted WordPress was initially developed as a blogging platform. Most bloggers are not tech savvy. So for bloggers who do not know anything about coding, it is easy for them to use WordPress for building their blogs.

All that’s needed build your website is a blog layout and a few additional plugins to expand wordpress functionality. Explore tons of wordpress templates to help you get started.

The rest is mainly content creation and dragging and dropping things into place. 

With that being said, knowing a little about how things work in WordPress will help. And you know how to choose the right plugins for optimal performance.

Thousands of highly customizable, well-maintained themes add to the platforms’ ease of use.

4. Highly Customizable

WordPress CMS is A very Stable Blogging Platform. That’s why it has so many users.

The WordPress.Org is the platform used by 43 percent of web users. Users range from amateur bloggers to big news sites. 

In addition, this highly customizable CMS platform offers limitless possibilities. Support is only a click away from one of the many support forums in a number of languages.

 And you will always be able to use WordPress for free.  Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who keep the platform operational.

5. SEO Benefits

Search engines love WordPress because it is such a user-friendly Content Management System.


Search engines like Google love sites that focus on delivering great user experience. If your blog users love visiting your site, serche engines will reward you.

WordPress linking structure enable bloggers to create easy to use permalinks. Interlinking other content is also easy to do using WordPress.org

Meta desctiptions are brief summaries of posts. You can easly write engaging meta desriptions when you use WordPress for blogging.

Aditionally there are hundreds of SEO WordPress plugins that canbe integrated on your blog. These help to further enhance your SEO strategies.

6. Open Source Software

Using self-hosted WordPress for Blogging makes sense because of the way wordpress works.

WordPress is Open source platform. This means it is managed by hundreds of volunteers  who write and maintain the code that keeps the platform  functioning.

These volunteers ensure that t wordpress stays up to date with  algorithm changes implemented by search engines. 

These  volunteers also work tirelessly to find and fix potential security breaches. This way visitors can safely use your wordpress blog.

In addition there are hundreds of themes created to work with WordPress CMS. Volunteers police these themes to make sure they expand the use of WordPress for building bold and beautiful websites.

7. Large Community Support

Support for using WordPress is available through a large number of communities and forums. You just have to search WordPress.Org support and you will receive all the help you need to use WordPress for blogging.

For example this community –Meet WordPress- covers topics from getting started with WordPress to  customizing your blog. 

You can get help to choose the right plugins for your website for the over 57 thousand free WordPress plugins that are available to help you design and build an amazing website.


To recap: So why should you use WordPress for building your blog?   Because it is a stable, well maintained platform for bloggers. 

More than 60 million including personal, small businesses and large enterprise users call WordPress home. 

WordPress offers unlimited opportunities to pursue your passion online.