Blogging Resources

The internet is full of helpful blogging resources. You can use them to start and succeed at amateur blogging.

We put together a list of some of fifteen blogging resources to give new and amateur bloggers a head start.

We have used almost all on our own sites. And we recommend them because we find them to be user friendly and cost effective.

Keep in mind that these blogging resources offer either free versions or free trials. The free versions are often limited in what you can do with them. So you may need to upgrade later on.

But upgrading will allow you to unlock a lot more features. And usually if you use them, these software can pay for themselves.

Keyword  Research Resources

Google Keyword Planner- Free tool by google to help you target the right keywords.
Use this blogging resource to discover new keywords related to your blog or website. Uncover insights relevant to each keyword.

You can get useful data using Google Keyword Planner. That includes monthly search volume, and cost per click for paid advertising

Answer the Public- A unique platform that lets you know what questions people asking.

Use this blogging resource to get content ideas for your blog posts and articles.

The cloud based software gives you a visual picture of the queries. there are the “why,” “how,” and “what” questions people want answers to.

Enter your main keyword and enter and you will see all questions related to your keyword. They are given in groups and categorized by popularity.

Google trends-Another free tool from google. This one gives a twelve month breakdown of trending web searches.

You can filter search by location to see current trends for a particular area.
You may also view breakout trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Bloggers Resources For Website Security

Cloudflare- One of the leading cloud based resources for bloggers and website owners. Cloudflare offers a free version that is packed with features.

This is an easy to use tool that makes sure your blog is always online.

Using the Cloudflare blogging resource will increase your blog’s speed. It will also protect it against malicious attacks.

One of the newer Cloudflare features let’s you to host and serve your blog images on the platform for a small cost. The benefits: Save server space and increase the speed of your site.

Securi- A great security tool for self-hosted WordPress blogs. The software protects against attacks and malware infection on your blog. It also identifies security vulnerabilities and offers fixes for them.

There is helpful training on how to use the software to get the best results.. These training include blog articles and email courses.

Beagle security- Helps you easily test websites and API security.
This resource for bloggers shows you how to fix current issues to improve the security of your blog.

Beagle security allows you to manage your website security from a single platform. But, easy to access support is available whenever you need it.

Photo Editing Resources is one of the most valuable blogging resources out there. It is a cloud based software let’s you compress your images before uploading them to your site.

Image compression tools are used for reducing image sizes without lowering their quality. 

The free version of this image editing tool supports JPEG, JPG and PNG images. 

 If you would like to have your website images served in WebP format, you can upgrade to a relatively inexpensive paid version of 

Tiny Png- A similar software to that is free and supports PNG and JPG images. It Is easy to use online image editing software that allows you to significantly resize images before uploading them to your blog.

tiny png  image optimization resource
Visit the Site

Just upload your images, choose your desired format and hit resize. Then download your resized images and upload them to your blog.

Imagify- An image editor created by the makers of WP Rocket WordPress plugin. You will need to create a free account and get an API key for integration with your blog.  

Once your blog is integrated, you can optimize your images one at a time or you may bulk optimize your entire image library with one click.

The free version allows you to optimize a limited number of images monthly, If you exceed the allotted amount, you can upgrade to a paid version.

Editors Choice: Canva. Almost every blogger knows that Canva is one of the best blogging resources online. The software offers an enormous amount of templates you can edit to create unique images for your blog. 

However the Pro version of Canva unlocks a whole different level of features to save time and money.

Learn About Canva Pro Benefits

Website Optimization Tools

Google Search Console– Another free and helpful resource for bloggers by Google to help boost your blog performance for search engines.

Use your google account to sign up for Google Search console. Verify your domain and add your site property to the platform.

SEO Unlocked-Created by Neil Patel this is an intense course for anyone who’s just starting out. You will learn the basic skills to help you optimize your blog.

The course is free and lasts for 6 weeks. There is a lot of free material, including videos and worksheets with projects. These will help new bloggers and internet marketers get the hang of SEO.

Click Here to Sign up For SEO Unlocked

From then on you are able to get reports about your blog’s performance and insights on what improvements you can make to enhance its performance.

Bing Webmaster Tool- A Microsoft tool that provides a whole lot of insight on how your blog is behaving in the eyes of Bing and other search engines.

You can use your Google Search Console account to verify your blog on Bing. Once that’s done, you can run a site audit to get suggestions for making things better.

I love the Bing “instant indexing” feature that you can set up.

With this feature, as soon as you publish new articles or make changes to existing articles, the Bing Bot is notified.

The Bing Bot will crawl your site and make the necessary updates.

All-In One Blogging Resources

Fiverr: this is a marketplace where you can get all the resources you need for hire.

Fiverr blogger resources
Visit Fiverr Marketplace

You can buy cost effective gigs on Fiver to do everything, building your site creating the content.

Find professionals in every field. Post what you would like done. Wait for people to bid for the project.

Accept as bid, pay Fiverr and wait for a freelancer to complete the job.

One advantage of using Fiverr is that you don not pay for the project until you are happy with it.

Tip: Be sure to look for sellers you include revisions in their packages.