blog content writing for beginners

This is a simple five step guide in content writing for beginners.  First decide on a topic that you want to write about. These are the steps:

  1. Create an outline. Start by creating an outline then fill in the details
  1. Structure blog content. Strive to write at the level you expect your audience to be. Write content using short sentences. Keep paragraphs to a few simple sentences. 
  1. Add visual elements. Use images, graphs and screenshots to break up blocks of text. This makes it easier to read.
  1. Optimize. Blog Content optimization for SEO is extremely important. Optimization techniques include crafting:
  • Focus points. Layout written content in a way that draws the readers attention to important information.
  • Calls to action. These appear on your blog in the form of buttons or hyperlinked text. They tell your to users to where you want them to go.
  • Clear instructions. They should be highly visible, clear, and indicate where the visitor will land once they take an action.  

Every business has a story and the way that story is told determines who and how it resonates with your audience and how it will motivate them.

5. Update Content. Keeping content up to date. Update content especially if they contain statistics. This way your content stays relevant.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is using text based medium to tell your story. The content writing process is made up of planning, drafting, editing and publishing material on the Internet. 

Why is content writing important? 

The purpose of blog content writing is to attract a target audience. When you get their attention, you want to motivate that audience to take some form of action. This action is often referred to as a conversion.

If you are new to content writing this is a seven step guide to help you get off to a smooth start.

Types Of Blog Content

There are several types of blog content writing for beginners to become familiar with.

List of types of content

Some types of content writing are press releases, website content,  blog content.

Technical content writing, SEO content writing is a type of content writing.

Ghost writing is also a type of content writing.

As a blogger, you want to pay particular attention to the following types of content writing.

Blog Content Writing

The goal of writing blog content is to share valuable information with your readers.

The end goal is to keep them returning to your blog.

Blog content writing is the same as creating blog posts.  They average fifteen hundred words. And they present the blogger’s viewpoint.

Blog content is  written in a less formal style. So, spelling and grammar are not as critical in this type of writing.

The most important characteristics of blog content writing, is the use of Keywords to optimize content for improving ranking in search results. There are many tools that can help you to that.

Therefore choosing the right keywords and optimizing them for search engines is very important.

Website Content Writing

 Your web content is your introduction to your reader. You want to make it easy for them to get to know you. So organizing your content in a logical way will speed up the process.

Write website content so that it can be easily scanned by users. When you do this it helps readers your find what they came for quickly.

Headlines, clear navigation, text formatting and bulleted points will make your content easy to scan.

These simple actions will highly enhance your visitors’ experience.

SEO Writing For Beginners

These are a few SEO content writing tips amateur bloggers may want to pay attention to.

Write for your audience not search engines. Keep in mind that the purpose of search engines is to provide useful answers to users queries. Therefore write content with a target audience in mind.

Place obvious links to related information appropriately in the content.

As a content writer be strategic when using keywords and phrases. This practice is known as SEO content writing. And will help your web content become more visible online.

With that being the case, SEO content is written with the reader in mind. Answer their question but go further. Try to anticipate follow-up questions and answer those too.

The first step to successful SEO content creation is knowing what you want to achieve.

Then search for and isolate the most relevant and valuable keywords and phrases to help you reach your goal. 

Next make a calculated effort to incorporate keywords in spots where they will be most effective.

Use headlines that grab attention so readers will take notice. And craft compelling meta descriptions that motivate readers to click through to your article.

Blog Content By Ghostwriters

Ghostwriting is done by writers for hire. They produce content ranging from novels to public speeches and online content. When you hire a ghostwriter, you have the say on how the material is used.

fiverr content writing services

And ghostwriters do not take credit for their work. The credit goes to the person hiring them.

This may be a good place for beginner content writers to start.

They can get their fee wet by exploring different types of content writing.

As a blogger you may find yourself needing the services of a ghostwriter to write your blog content at some time. It could be to create an ebook, a sales page or other pieces of written content

Email Content Writing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most rewarding forms of marketing online. Good email content  has the potential to be very profitable. 

Here are some reasons that  bloggers hire email content writers.

Welcome emails, high quality email sequences and follow ups, newsletters and sales letters are all email content writing tasks that you can outsource. 

How to Create Blog Content

It is important that your content creation serves a specific purpose. This purpose will often dictate the type of content you produce.

 For example ask yourself, “What do I want to get from this piece of content that I am producing?

Here are a few reasons for creating content:

  • Reach a specific audience
  • Build brand recognition
  • Get engagement
  • Rank higher in search results
  • Drive conversions

Once you have clearly defined objectives you will know what media is the best use to create the content you want.

Content Writing Formats

Now let’s talk about some popular media for producing your written content.

Articles, blog posts, and e-books are the most common forms of written content.

These are considered long form content.

Although they have a similar format, the objective for using each one is different.

content writing for beginners tool

How so?

Articles are generally written to inform the reader about a particular topic.

They are not written with a specific audience in mind. So anyone interested a particular topic may find an article enjoyable.

Articles do not necessarily require the reader to take an action after reading an article.

Blog Posts on the other hand, are written for a target audience. Usually blog posts are used to attract and connect with people who share a particular interest.

The goal of a blog post is to build and maintain a connection with an audience.

The style of blog posts are mostly educational and informative. And in general, a reader is asked to take some form of action after reading a blog post.

The action may include sharing with other interested persons or taking a look something else related to that post.

Ebooks. When it comes to ebooks , they are almost always educational. Because ebooks are longer form of written content, they help the reader get a clearer understanding of particular subject.

 Because of that e-books are more thorough than blog posts.

In you are implementing a content marketing strategy, you may definitely want to consider creating and including an e-book.

Visual Blog Content

I’m sure you’ve l  heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words’. That’s why images, charts, and graphs play a big role in content writing.

These forms of visual content are useful to help readers get the point more quickly.

That being said, the images you use need to be relevant to the subject at hand. 

That’s because related visual content makes it a lot easier for the reader to make the connection.

Charts and graphs. They are great visual aids as well. This is especially true when trying  to get your reader to grasp mathematical concepts and relations.

 Infographics: We normally use them to break down statistical data into forms for reader. Information presented in infographics can be more easily remembered.


So the purpose of writing is to connect with a target audience. Content writing serve different purposes. For example it can be entertaining, educational or motivational.

Whatever your reason for writing content, ensure that it:

  • Provides value.
  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Solves a problem
  • Inspires the reader to act.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.