Free Blog Content Ideas to Supercharge Amateur Blogs

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Blog content consists of articles, videos, images and other pieces of information on your blog.  Because you are creating a blog, you mainly be interested in finding text-based blog content ideas.

But you can also look for visual and audio content ideas for your blog.

The primary goal of blog content is to get readers to do something.  To achieve that goal, blog content has to be engaging and persuasive. 

There are numerous places online that you can get free blog content ideas for your website. Let’s look at a few of them:

Blog Articles Ideas

You can find ideas for text based content by visiting one of the website below:

Answer the Public

This tool uses the auto-complete function found on search results pages to see what people are looking up on the internet.

As a blogger, you can enter a keyword in the Answer the Public toolbar and you will see the most popular question people have.  

You can use that insight to come up with useful blog content ideas.

This is another useful free platform. is labeled as a discovery tool. It focuses influencer engagements on social media platforms .

 Enter a domain keyword or the name of an author and see the relevant social media shares by influencers and others.

You can research topics ranging from WordPress to Spacex on to get great blog content ideas for free,


Quora is another platform you can use to find helpful blog content ideas. What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform.  The platform is reported to have 300 million regular users. This means millions of questions being answered on Quora every month.

If you want to benefit from Quora, simply sign up for a free account and place a link to your blog. Start following spaces related to your niche. 

You will notice the questions people need answers to. Now you can answer the question and create more indept blog content on your blog and link your Quora answers to your blog content.

On a side note, if people are looking for answers on Quora, most likely they are also using search engines like Google to find answers.

This can result in more traffic and possibly higher search engine ranking for your website content.

How to Guides

Every blogger is passionate about something. A great way to share your passion with your audience is to create a “how to guide”. Start by making a list of the steps involved. 

Then create individual posts about each step. Use a focused keyword for each post. Find some relevant images or photos to include in each post. 

Share each post over a period of days or weeks.

Remember this is not telling you to copy and paste other people’s content on your blog. You  just want to get ideas to help you create content for your own website.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, there are questions that others please need answered.  Get blog content ideas from freguently asked questions.

To do this curate a list of 10 or more answers to popular questions. 

An easy way to find those questions is by entering your keyword into a keyword research tool. 

An even easier way is to enter the keyword into the search tab such as google search then scroll to the button of the search results page. 

You will see a number of questions under the people also asked section.

Spend some time listing and answering those questions using a listicle post on your blog.

Comments From Readers

Another way to come up with relevant blog content ideas is to engage with your audience. Invite your blog users to leave feedback after consuming your content. More often than not these comments will give you content ideas.

Use ideas that come from users’ comments to create future content that your audience may find useful.

You may also learn what adjustments you can make to reach a wider audience.

Visual Blog Content Ideas

How to utilize Video Content for Blogs?

You can either create your own videos or view other peoples videos to get blog content ideas. However there are a few things to consider before you embed videos on your actual website.

They use up a lot of bandwidth and this can turn out to be expensive. The workaround is to host your videos on a video sharing platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. 

Then place a thumbnail image on yoursite page and link the image to the live video on a video sharing platform.

Aside from saving some money, platforms like Youtube have Analytics and SEO tools built into them. So, you get some SEO benefits as well.

Pinterest is one of the best places on the internet to look for visual content ideas that you can use as a guide to create your own blog content. 


What makes Pinterest so great? 

Because Pinterest is a search engine where tons of bloggers and other content creators post free web content every day. 

If you type a keyword in the search bar you will be see tons of pins related to that keyword.

When you click the pins you are taken to the relevant blog. You can view articles on those website to get ideas for creating your own content.

Then you can create you own pins and share them on Pinterest with a link to your own blog. Whenever anyone click you pin they will be taken to your blog content.

Five Fast Facts-Pinterest Stats

Number of Users
  • 320+ Million people used Pinterest.
Pinterest Use by Gender
  • 71 percent of users were female
Finding Ideas
  • 85 percent of users search for ideas on pinterest
Average Income of Pinterest Users
  • 41 percent earn more than US$75,000 per year
Buying Decisions and Users
  • 60 percent of buyers began product research on Pinterest
Source: Statista.Com

Audio Blog Content

These may be music, audio recordings or podcasts.

There are many platforms allow you to use their web content on your own blog for free.

One platform that may not readily come to mind is Youtube. Yes, you can get copyright free content on YouTube.

However, you wil need to do the research to make sure a piece of web content can legally be used without cost or attribution.

So do the research.

If you go to Youtube and search music under creative commons license, you may be presently surprised at what is available to use for free.


Interview experts in your niche and post the question and answer session on your blogs. Ask questions that your audience may have. 

But before conducting an interview, do research and prepare your questions. These should be relevant questions.

It is important not to make the interview too long.  Keeping your audience’s attention is extremely important. So, between 5 and 10 simple questions should suffice.

 Be sure to tap into the interviewee’s area of expertise. And stick to the time limit for conducting  the interview.

Once you have a date for publishing the interview, send the interviewee an email to advise him/her.

Now that you have all this good website content, what will you do with it?

Pro Tip: Enhance the user experience on your blog with these simple tips

Must Have Features of These Web Pages

Allow easy navigation. You want users to easily go from one section of your site to another. This contributes to longer dwell time which is a search engine ranking factor.

Tell People what you do. This immediately weeds out those who are not looking for what you have to offer.

Multiple contact options. Ensure that your visitors have at least two different ways of contacting you if they want to.

Permit user feedback and reviews. Let prospects know what other users say about their experience on your website.

Give your website legitimacy.  A Privacy Policy, Terms of use and appropriate Disclaimer are some of the must have legal pages on your website.


So now you have all these ideas for free website content, it’s time to implement them. 

The most important thing to keep in mind here is you want your users to have the best possible experience on your website.

With that in mind, make sure your content is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Encourage them to give feedback and share feelings and ideas with you. Use feedback to help users as well as to make improvements.

And don’t forget to tell readers what you want them to do after they consume a piece of your blog content.